2013 PA AWWA Conference Presentations

PA AWWA 65th Annual Conference & Expo

Upgrade Your SCADA Controls in 3 (or 4) Easy Steps – Jim Barish

Let your SCADA System do the Reporting for you – Jeremy Anderson

Water Wars – Dennis Beck

Strategic Business Asset Management: The Vehicle for Successful Implementation of Asset Management Process – Michael Brown

Indian Run Dam Rehabilitation Project – Patrick Caulfield, P.E.

Rehabilitation of Historic National Landmark: the Earthoid – Nicole Clarke

Health Based Asset Management – Raymond Delo

Non Revenue Water Reduction – Anthony Emanuele

Did You Say 36″ Diameter At 275 psi? – Christopher Evans, P.E.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) – Norbert Howell, R.A. & Timothy Glessner, P.E.

Surface Water/Groundwater Interaction and Source Water Protection Planning, Broadhead Creek Regional Authority, Monroe County, PA – Chris Finton, P.G.

Ice Pigging – Ryan Flickinger

Why & When: Geotechnical Evaluations for Water Main Construction – Andrew Glitzer, P.E.

PENNVEST Funding: Helpful Hints and Strategies Borrowers Need to Know – Rachel Govelovich, P.E.

Extreme Makeover: Tank Edition – Christine Gunsaullus

Drought and Reservoir Yield; Listen to the Trees! – John Harrison, P.E.

Challenges and Emerging Practices for the Treatment of Natural Gas Fluids – Paul Hart

Considerations for the Design and Construction of a Water Storage Tank – Daniel Hershey, P.E.

Revenue Generating Smart Grid Technology: A Pennsylvania American Water Case Study – Daniel Hufton, P.E.

Chlorine Safety: The Rest of the Story – Gary Lohse, P.E.

Pittsburgh Water Treatment Plant Projects – Jay Lucas, P.E.

Rehabilitation of Chester Water Authority’s Pine Grove Dam – Brian MacEwen, P.E.

Are Your People and Systems Protected? – Dick McDonnell

Is There an Oversight in UV Reliability? – Dick McDonnell

Innovative Evolution: A Focus on New Methods for Solving Today’s Challenges – Dick McDonnell

Water Management Planning: Shale Gas/Oil Development – Adam McDonough & Paul Zielinksi

Smart Distribution Systems: Technologies Bringing Storage Tanks to the 21st Century – Nathan Miller

Reducing DBP Formation in Surface Water Plants to Meet Disinfection By-Product Regulations Using Sodium Permanganate – Jon Prawdzik

PAWC Mid-Monroe System: Soluble Fe & Mn Removal via Oxidation & Filtration – Daniel Rickard, P.E.

How to Use U.S. EPA’s Community-Based Water Resiliency Tool to Improve Disaster Preparedness – Nushat Thomas

Improving Pump Efficiency to Decrease Energy Consumption – Ralph Wawrzyniakowski, EIT

Full Profile Insertion Type Flow Meter Reduces Installation Time and Cost – Greg Webster

Onsite Chlorine Generation: What We Have Learned – Margo Weigner, P.E. & William McGinty, III

Understanding the ISO Fire Suppression Rating – Anthony Zampella

Are You Ready for UCMR3? – Paul Zielinski