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PA-AWWA’s On-Line Training Zone


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We now have more on-line water and wastewater courses!

SPECIAL DISCOUNT!!!…PA Water, Wastewater Operators and Engineers: Get Your PA DEP Contact Hours and PDH’s remotely at the PA-AWWA’s On-Line Training Zone!


$25 per course for AWWA members and $40 per course for non-members.  Call Don at 717-774-8870 or e-mail:

For more information, visit
Special thanks to: 360water, Inc.

If interested E-mail Don Hershey at:
Provide the following information: Name, address, phone #, e-mail and DEP Client ID#.



Operators and Engineers are now able to earn DEP Contact Hours and PDH’s at the plant or in your own home.  On-line courses are each worth one DEP Contact Hour and one PDH. AWWA Members fee is $25.00 per course. Non-members fee is $40.00 per course. Purchase ten courses and get one free! Check out our website at For additional information contact PA-AWWA at 717-774-8870.
    Courses approved for water and wastewater 1 PA DEP Contact Hour each.All other courses 1 PA DEP Contact Hour for water or wastewater operators.

    Drinking Water

    • Hydraulics
      • Hydraulics 1 – Closed Conduit Systems – WTR *
    • Law, Regulations, and Acts
      • United States Water and Wastewater Utility Industry – Federal, State, and Local Control *
    • Management
      • Leadership and How to Affect Change in Public Organizations *
      • United States Water and Wastewater Utility Industry *
    • Math
      • Math Class 1 *
    • Membrane Technology
      • Introduction to Membrane Operations for Small Utilities
      • Membrane Unit Operations
      • System Design and Flow Configurations for Membrane Operations
      • Terms and Equations of Membrane Operations
  • Safety
    • Accident Investigation *
    • Basic Safety Fundamentals for the Water & Distribution System Operator
    • Confined Space Entry *
    • Lock Out Tag Out – The Control of Hazardous Energy *
  • Water Analysis
    • How to Perform Total Coliform Analytical Test for Drinking Water Quality
    • Introductory to the Development of a Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Plan *
    • Investigating the Causes of Total Coliform Positive Samples from Drinking Water Distribution Systems
  • Water Distribution
    • Cross Connection Control
    • Introduction to Distribution System Piping and Valving
  • Water Treatment
    • Drinking Water Disinfection
    • Drinking Water Ion Exchange Softening
    • Drinking Water Precipitation Softening
    • Fundamentals of Coagulation and Flocculation
    • Media Filtration for Drinking Water
    • Ultraviolet Disinfection 1 – WTR
  • Wastewater
    • Law, Regulations, and Acts
      • Pretreatment Regulations
      • United States Water and Wastewater Utility Industry – Federal, State, and Local Control *
    • Management
      • Leadership and How to Affect Change in Public Organizations *
      • United States Water and Wastewater Utility Industry *


  • Management and Public Relations
    • Water Quality Management
  • Math
    • Math Class 1 *
  • Safety
    • Accident Investigation *
    • Blood Borne Pathogens *
    • Confined Space Entry *
    • Lock Out Tag Out – The Control of Hazardous Energy *
  • Wastewater Analysis
    • Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand
    • How To Perform Fecal Coliform Analytical Tests For Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent
    • Introduction to Development of a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan
    • Microscopic Examination of Activated Sludge
    • Oxygen Measurements
    • Solids Analysis
  • Wastewater Treatment
    • Activated Sludge
    • Problems Caused by Roots in Sewers *
    • Trickling Filters 1
    • Ultraviolet Disinfection 1 – WWTR
    • Wastewater 1 Operator Study Guide
    • Wastewater Treatment Theory Class 1
    • Wastewater Treatment Theory Class 2

AWWA’s eLearning Program

 Grow Your Career With Self-Paced AWWA Online Management Courses AWWA’s   eLearning Courses
In this fast-paced, modern world, managerial techniques are rapidly changing. No matter how long you have spent in management, it is important that you keep up-to-date with current managerial skills. With the American Water Works Association’s eLearning program, you can expand your skills at your own pace without leaving the office.

Our eLearning program now includes eleven management courses for you to choose from. Take them all or select the ones you’re most interested in attending.


AWWA’s eLearning Program

NEW! Online Platform

AWWA’s brand-new online learning platform provides a NEW streamlined look, with a new course look and feel, easier-to-access interactive quizzes and evaluations.

Now available to view on-the-go with your phone or tablet!

New courses are available:

EL206 Why Are Water Service Lines Important!

EL207 Residential Meters

EL208 Fire Hydrant Basics for Pressurized Water Systems

EL209 Sewer Collection Piping Systems and Appurtenances

EL210 Pumping and Pressure Sewer Systems

EL211 Flushing and Bacteriological Testing

EL212 Erosion and Sedimentation Control

Online Courses

Expanded Management eLearning Courses

EL154 Physical Infrastructure Management

  • List the basic components of a utility system.
  • Describe basic maintenance methods.
  • Know and describe why maintenance may not occur.
  • Explain the importance of GASB 34.
  • Summarize the risks associated with lack of maintenance.

EL155 Water Supplies & Demand Management

  • Describe options for water sources (groundwater and surface water), including limitations for each.
  • Explain the factors that affect demand projections both currently and in the future.
  • Defend demand management strategies.

EL156 Establishing Leadership in the Organization

  • Describe effective leadership.
  • Explain the responsibilities of organizational leadership.
  • Apply best practices in management to help you better lead your organizations

EL157 Planning the Utility

  • Describe types and uses of different planning processes.
  • Apply critical development factors used in constructing capital improvement plans.
  • Discover the basic tools for providing good presentations.

EL158 Building the Utility

  • Analyze and select the best design consultant.
  • Describe the bidding process.
  • Explain the project design and construction process.

EL159 Financing the Utility

  • Explain the basics of developing user fees.
  • Describe the basics of financial statements.
  • Summarize the funding mechanisms for capital projects.

Additional eLearning Management Courses

EL148 Introduction to the Utility

  • Effectively communicate the importance of your job to your community.
  • Describe the importance of regulations and why they have been established for the industry.
  • Explain the importance of dealing with the public and media.

EL149 Basic Supervision

  • List the basic components of supervising people.
  • Implement effective communication skills.
  • Describe the importance of the supervisor’s role in the organization.

EL150 Hiring Employees and Rules

  • Define the positions your organization needs.
  • Describe the processes for conducting interviews and hiring employees.
  • Explain the basic rules for employment, as defined by the EEOC, EOA, and other entities.

EL151 Management Responsibilities

  • Explain the importance of knowledge transfer and institutional knowledge.
  • Describe the changes in employee demographics and retention strategies.
  • Give examples of the differences in expectations among the board, stakeholders, and management.
  • Create a vision statement.

EL152 Management Styles

  • Compare management vs. supervision.
  • Develop your conflict management skills.
  • Describe different management and supervision styles.
  • Analyze the strengths of different styles of work and determine the best time to use them.

Have a new or advancing employee? These peer-designed and reviewed courses will help empower your employees to succeed.

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