2012 PA AWWA Conference Presentations

2012 PA AWWA Conference Presentations

ZLD Water Softening – Eric Fessler, P.E. & Dave Pyrz

The Unhealthy Relationship Between Private Fire Systems, Municipal Water Systems & Pressure Surge – Michael T. Brown

Creating a New Legacy Out of the Past – Membrane Retrofit of the Brandywine Water Filtration Plant – Roger Noack

Improving 2nd Place – Optimization of 2-stage Ultrafiltration Membrane Plants – Samantha Kendrick

Flood Protection Planning and Construction – Dave Hughes & Marc Lucca

Use of Advanced Oxidation Processes to Reduce Drinking Water Taste and Odor – Jamie Shambaugh, P.E.

Emlenton Water Treatment Plant Fast Track Design and Construction – William A. LaDieu, P.E.

Lessons Learned in the Development of a Business Continuity Plan by AQUA PA – Marc Lucca

Disinfection By-Products: Meeting the Challenge of Compliance with US-EPA DBPR Stage 2 – Stephanie Carr

DBP Control in a Sludge Blanket Water Treatment Plant Clarification Process Using Prefiltration Chlorimination – Stan Szczepanek, Sandra Weiss, Randy Straub & Paul Zielinski

Hydropower for Municipal Water Systems – Dennis J. Hogan, P.E.

Sustainable Utility Infrastructure Planning & Replacement – Michael Perlow, Jr., P.E.

Conversion of Chloramine to Free Chlorine for a Combined System – Lori L. Kappen, P.E.

A Residual Waste Partnership for Enhancement of the Environment – Randy Pankiewicz

Balancing Microbial Control and Stage 2 DBP Rule Compliance – Earl Swartzendruber

Start-up and Commissioning Considerations in Water Treatment Plants – Steve Marrano, P.E., P.M.P.

Long-term Economic Costs of Post-Hydraulic Fracturing in PA – Richard Pepino