2015 Safe Water Conference Presentations

Wednesday (10/28) – General Session

WED01 – Got Buy-In (Linder)

WED02 – Three Keys to Success (Hardy)

WED03 – Turbidity Data Integrity – Overview and Real World Implications (Dugan and Davis)

WED04 – Case Study – Success Stories from the Self-Assessment at Denver Water’s Moffat Water Treatment Plant (Fast)

WED05 – Our Utility is a New Partnership Award Winner – Now What? (Schippert and Wilson)

WED06 – PEXEP – 15 Years of Excellence (Martin and Lalumiere)

WED07 – The Value of the Partnership for Safe Water to Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Thursday (10/29) – Treatment

THT01 – Starting with the End in Mind (Linder)

THT02 – Creating Treatment Optimization Framework and Culture (Bobay)

THT03 – Pilot Plant for Treatment Optimization (Nabors)

THT04 – Overcoming Complacency using Optimization Goal Setting (Barsotti)

THT05 – Water Treatment Forensics to meet your Full Zeta Potential (Rau)

THT06 – Maintaining a Culture of Excellence (Miller)

THT07 – Improving Water Treatment Plant Performance – Tools for Water Treatment Plants to Achieve Optimization (Grimm)

THT08 – Pre-Oxidation to Improve Filter Performance (Linder and Zachman)

THT09 – ESTW: Applications and Lessons Learned (Waters)

THT10 – Optimizing Membrane Filtration Using the Revised Self-Assessment Guide (Chescattie)

THT11 – The Integration of Smart Device Technology into Instrumentation to Optimize Plant Performance (Sadar)

THT12 – Floc Characterization: The Missing Link (Ingels)

Thursday (10/29) – Distribution

THD01 – Surviving Fire, Flood, and the Partnership for Safe Water Self-Assessment (Schweitzer)

THD02 – THM Removal by Water Spray – Tank Top Results (Clark)

THD03 – Distribution Optimization – Achieving Professional Operations (Maccarella and Balliet)

THD04 – Maintaining Louisville Water Company’s Best Tasting Tap Water (Bobay and Monks)

THD05 – Free Chlorine and Chloramine Optimization in a Consecutive System: A Lesson in the Multi-Parameter (Blood)

THD06 – Philadelphia Water Department’s Non-Traditional Self-Assessment (O’Connor)

THD07 – Distribution System Tank Monitoring and Water Quality (Handke)

THD08 – Water Quality Monitoring and Nitrification Control in Chloraminated Distribution Systems (Alexander)

THD09 – Aligning System Performance, Energy Efficiency, and Water Quality: Case Studies in Optimization (Jones)

THD10 – Preparing for Revisions to the Revised Total Coliform Rule (Cartnick)

THD11 – presentation pending

THD12 – presentation pending

Friday (10/30) – Treatment

FRIT01 – Online Monitoring Practices for Manganese Control in Drinking Water (Malkov)

FRIT02 – Optimizing the Operation of Gravity Media Filters (Getting)

FRIT03 – Fluorescence Enhanced Treatment Process Optimization (Miller)

FRIT04 – Process Optimization using Online Continuous Zeta Potential Monitoring (Morfesis)

FRIT05 – Real World Applications of Using Dynamic Simulation Software to Optimize Water Treatment Plant Process Operations (Ridens)

Friday (10/30) – Distribution

FRID01 – High Frequency Real Time Data from Online THM Monitors Lead to More Cost Effective THM Remediation Solutions (Williams)

FRID02 – Use of Main Break Data for Better System Management and Operation (Brown)

FRID03 – presentation pending

FRID04 – DBP Removal and Control in Distribution Systems (Xie)

FRID05 – Planning a Flushing Program (Walski)