We have 5 more water and wastewater roundtables coming your way, starting 8/27



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the roundtables keep on rollin'!

If you saw our last two Roundtable Webinars on Inflow & Infiltration, then you know they were educational AND entertaining. [Watch the highlights here]. They are FREE, plus engineers can earn PDH's, and we're working on CEH's for operators too!

Our Roundtable Series continues with a focus on water and wastewater topics. The unique format features Entech engineers and operators, along with owners, contractors, suppliers, and other industry geeks who love talking about this stuff as much as we do!

This is a great opportunity for you and your staff to delve deep into these topics. All content comes directly from our audience, directing questions and comments through the Q/A feature in Zoom, as well as via polls throughout to help the panel focus on what’s important to you.

Below is what we've got coming up!




Scheduled Roundtables:


8/27 - Water Storage Tank Mixing

Tank mixing is still in its infancy. To help owners, our panel of tankies will answer your questions like “What’s the right mixer for my tank?”, “Do I need a permit for this?”, and “Can I just do it myself?” [ read on ]



9/10 - Water Regulations and Emerging Contaminants: How Utilities Are Preparing

As if running your water system wasn’t hard enough with COVID-19, you also need to keep up to date with legislative and regulatory changes. Our panel will review what is required now and what’s on the horizon, plus how utilities are preparing. [ read on ]



9/24 - Aerobic Digestion: How to Get 5 pounds of Biosolids Out of a 10 Pound Bag of Sh*t!

In the last 20 years, there have been significant changes in aerobic digestion in terms of design, equipment, construction and operations. Has your plant kept up? [ read on ]



10/7 - Wish We Knew This BEFORE We Started! Rehabilitation of Wastewater Storage Tanks

Rehabbing a steel or concrete wastewater tank is the easy part; keeping an entire plant running smoothly without that tank in service? That is the true challenge. Understanding the big picture and your options ahead of time is critical to success. [ read on ]



10/22 - Trusted Advisor or Hired Gun: How Boards Can Work Best With Their Engineer

A Board Member, the Manager of Operations, and their Engineer walk into a bar… Now this could be the start of a bad joke, or indicative of the team effort that successfully gets things done at this utility. We’ll share stories about the best ways Boards and Owners/Managers and Engineers can work together. [ read on ]





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