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Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without BordersWe may take our water supply for granted, but there are many places in the world that do not have access to safe drinking water, or they have to travel a great distance to reach it.

Below is just one example of how you can get involved through Engineers without Borders.

Check here for information on how to get involved with this and other world-wide water projects.

Sample project:

PROJECT: Baoma, sierra leone water supply

Baoma, Sierra Leone falls outside of the area served by Freetown public water. The villagers currently draw water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning from three unprotected springs that are contaminated with bacteria. One source includes a spring box and four tap stands; however, the unreliable system does not provide adequate supply throughout the dry season. Few families practice point of use treatment. Thus, diarrheal disease is prevalent particularly among young children. The growing population needs better water management and treatment to improve health and prosperity.

Water is life. This statement, emblazoned in blue spray paint on a boulder near the communal garden spring in Baoma, Sierra Leone expresses a universal truth. The goal of EWB-USA Penn State is to help Baoma meet one of its greatest needs by developing potable water solutions that serve the entire community, and an accompanying governance structure based on community input and involvement. Furthermore, educational workshops on water treatment and sanitation will be carried out through our partnership with the local Covenant Preparatory school.

EWB-PSU was partnered with Baoma since late 2009, and has made a five-year commitment to the village.The chapter has completed two assessment trips for both a water and sanitation project. Through a relationship with the local chapter of EWB-Sierra Leone, a second water assessment trip will be completed to present several conceptual solutions to the water committee for their input. Design will commence on the selected solution to be implemented within the next year. Implementation will be followed by a trip to monitor the effectiveness and community acceptance of the design.

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