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US EPA Free webinar – Fuel Supply Planning

FREE EPA webinar – Fuel Supply Planning


As part of our continuing efforts to assist with response during a major incident which impacts power supply and/or transportation, EPA is offering this webinar.  Please join us by registering, using the link below.


Fuel Supply Planning Webinar – June 28, 1-2 ET

As a part of its Water and Power Resilience work, the U.S. EPA will be hosting a webinar in June 28 on Fuel Supply Planning.  A catastrophic earthquake would devastate Oregon’s fuel supply and distribution. Oregon developed a Fuel Action Plan to address how the state would access and distribute fuel during a catastrophic event. This webinar will provide an overview of Oregon’s Fuel Action Plan as well as Washington County’s corresponding county level plans. These plans address many of the issues that water utilities could face, such as prioritization, distribution, waivers and security, when trying to obtain fuel for generators during a long duration, widespread power outage.  To register, please visit:


Patti Kay Wisniewski

Drinking Water Security Coordinator


Drinking Water Branch (3WP21)

1650 Arch Street

Phila, PA  19103


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