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U.S. EPA’s Drought Response and Recovery Guide released

Subject: EPA’s Drought Response and Recovery Guide released


Drought Response and Recovery Guide for Water Utilities: Recent droughts have affected operations at a large number of water utilities nationwide.  With changing climate and shifting weather patterns, these drought impacts are likely to continue for years to come.  The Drought Guide is an innovative interactive tool designed to assist small- to medium-sized water utilities with responding to drought.


The guide, which includes best practices and customizable worksheets, focuses on short-term/emergency drought mitigation actions that also build long-term resilience to drought.


Accompanying the guide is an interactive Drought Case Study Map, a multimedia geoplatform website documenting, in both video and written form, the unique stories of seven utilities in California, Texas, Georgia, New Mexico, Kansas, and Oklahoma which have responded successfully to extreme drought conditions.  The Case Studies Map GeoPlatform also features three additional videos describing how utilities addressed specific drought challenges, including:  reducing customer demand, managing water supplies, and partnerships.  Download the Drought Response and Recovery Guide now by going to:


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