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2017 PA AWWA conference presentations

Speaker Biographies

NPWA DSOP Phase III Self Assessment – Lauren Fahnestock, Dan Preston & Christie Ogino (Not Available Yet)

Downstream Drinking Water Impacts of Fossil Fuel Extraction and Utilization Choices – Jeanne VanBriesen

Building the Digital Utility of the Future – Ahmad Habibian

Ferrate for Drinking Water Treatment – Joe Goodwill, Dave Reckhow, John Tobiason & Janjun Jiang

Water and Revenue Losses in PA Water Utilities: How Big, How Much, and How Do They Compare Nationally? – George Kunkle & Ed Osann

Pioneer Pellett Softening Treatment in Pennsylvania – Jared Hutchins, April Winklmann, Dianne Sumego & Sierra McCreary

Managing Energy Expenses: Smart Ideas – Michael Newman

Chlorine Dioxide Feed System for Pre-Oxidation at an 8 MGD WTP: Results from One Year of Full Scale Demonstration Testing – Maria Torortelli & Kyle Roberts

Doing More with What You Have-Using Custom Daily Flow Models for Source Water Investigations – Gregory Richards, Amanda Hess & Paul Schweiger

Maintaining the Footprint: Huntingdon Borough’s Water Treatment Facility Upgrade – Howard Butler & Kevin Nester (Not Available Yet)

Creating District Metered Areas for Managing Non-Revenue Water – Thomas Walski

Innovative Surface Water Plant Filter Control and Filter Optimization Solutions – Mark Romers

Water System Modeling: A Unique Way to Use Meter Technology – John Brady

Air Scour Demonstrates Filter Performance and Economic Benefits in Philadelphia – Jamie Shambaugh, Lori Kappen, Jerry Kuziw, Shiju Kuriakose, Kate Guest & Ya-Chi Tsao

Uni-Directional Flushing: Is It Worth It? – Lauren Fahnestock, Joe Thurwanger & Christie Ogino (Not Available Yet)

Filter Rehabilitation-One Size Does Not Fit All – Jeff Naumick (Not Available Yet)

Case Study for a Web-Based, Real-Time Interface with PA One Call for Processing One Call Tickets – Dwight Hoare

A Flight Test Plan for Success: Practical Aspects of Bench and Pilot Testing in Planning, Design and Optimization – John Civardi

The Value of Comprehensive Leak Detection: An Innovative Approach to Reducing Real Water Loss – David Lewis (Not Available Yet)

Rapid Delivery Water Treatment System Removes Contaminant of Energy Concern – Christopher Walker, Bjorn Cuanto, Joe McCarthy & Mark Prouty (Not Available Yet)

Going Mobile-Columbia Water Company’s GIS Helps Improve its Efficiency and Customer Service – James Meisenbach & David Lewis

Meeting Multiple Treatment Objectives: The Case Study of a Successful Groundwater Well Treatment System for the Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide, Manganese, and VOC Contaminants – Jonathan Morris & Arthur Saunders

Successful Implementation of a Main Replacement Program in Allentown – Michael Brown & Jason Peters

Water Availability Study for Proposed Birdsboro Power Plant – Lori Burkert

Pipeline Condition Assessment-The Devil is in the Details – Lisa Douglas, Frank Senske & Keith Tuchler

Overview of Treatment Technologies for Emerging Contaminants – Peter Lusardi

Analysis and Verification of PCCP Stiffness Testing Using Non-Invasive Acoustics – John Marciszewski & Rasko Ojdrovic

From Concept to Operation: A 10-Year Review of Birdsboro Municipal Authority’s 1.0 MGD WTP – Christina Crawford & Don Moore (Not Available Yet)

Extreme Makeover 2: The Tank Edition – Christine Gunsaullus

PA DBP Violations: Fact and Solutions – Phyllis Butler Posy

Someone is Swimming in Your Tank: How Safe are They and You? – Nicole Clarke, Josh Selig & Jennifer Coon

PFCs and Other Emerging Contaminants in Groundwater – Karen Benson & Frank Getchell (Not Available Yet)

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