2015 PA AWWA Conference Presentations

Distribution Track Biographies
Management Track Biographies
Water Quality/Treatment Track Biographies

Enhancing Asset Managemnent With a GIS Program – Lori Burkert

Water Sector Implications of EPA’s Clean Power Plan – Adam Carpenter, Alan Roberson, Anna & Johnathan Glashill

How Many Antennas are Too Many? – Nicolle Clarke & John Lieb

The ABCs of Tank and Coating Care – Christine Gunsaullus

Drinking Water Fluoridation – Time for Another Look – Preston Luitweiler

Thrust Restraint – Paul Hanson

An Innovation-Driven Approach to Distribution System Monitoring – Mark Giannoscoli

Managing Generational Differences in a Utility’s Workforce – Roy Mundy

Structural Lining for Water Mains – Stephen Marcino & Micah Blate

Protecting Our Assets: Water Main Condition Assessment – Adam Minichelli

THMs: From Compliance to Optimization – Dr. Kazi Hassan

The Challenges of Upgrading/Expanding a 150 Year Old Water Treatment Plant Located in the Flood Plain – Daniel Cargnel & David Lewis

Clearfield Water Storage and Transmission Project – Mark Glenn

Cyanobacteria in Reservoirs: Causes, Consequences, Controls – Robert Kortmann

The Importance of Social Media in Customer Notification – Josephine Posti

Water System Upgrade: Improve Reliability and Yield Operational Efficiencies – Christopher Walker, Mark Prouty & Rick Davis

Aging Outlet Conduits Through Earthen Dams – John Harrison

Forward Osmosis for Water Treatment and Reuse – Yuefeng Xie, Mariem Esparra-Alverado & Fangxin Kong

WTF Evaluation and Upgrades to Improve Arsenic Removal Performance and Achieve Compliance – Christopher Walker, Mark Prouty & Chris Curran

Crisis Communication Planning for Water and Wastewater Utilities – Carol Walczyk

Threats to your Sustainability – Dennis Beck