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Revised CCR Templates with RTCR information

Revised CCR Templates with RTCR information

2017 Revised GW CCR template 

2017 Revised SW CCR template

Dear Water Industry Members:


                I’m attaching both revised DRAFT CCR templates that include the RTCR mandatory CCR language.  You will note that I’ve created 2 microbial tables:  the first for the TC positive samples related to Level 1 or 2 assessments and the second table for E. coli results. The mandatory health effects language and additional language is found under TABLE 2:  Health Effects Language (page 18 in the GW template and page 20 in the SW template).


                I’ll let you know when these templates are posted on our CCR web page.  Please share this email with anyone who needs these new templates.  These files aren’t protected so they can be edited.  Call me if you have questions about these revisions.


Deborah J. Rotz | Water Program Specialist
Department of Environmental Protection | Bureau of Safe Drinking Water
Rachel Carson State Office Building
400 Market St. | Hbg PA 17101
Phone: 717.705.6352 | Fax: 717.772.5630

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