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PA EQB proposed regulation #7-534 “Triennial Review of Water Quality Standards” (IRRC #3182)

PA EQB proposed regulation #7-534 “Triennial Review of Water Quality Standards” (IRRC #3182)


The PA EQB recently delivered a proposed rulemaking to the PA Independent Regulatory Review Commission and the PA House and Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committees for review and comment.  This proposal might be of interest to your organization. You can find a copy of the proposal as it was delivered to IRRC and the Committees on IRRC’s website –


The proposal was also published in the PA Bulletin.  Attached is a link to the publication –


The public comment period for the proposal closes on December 29, 2017.  Instructions for submitting comments to the EQB are in both links above.  Please note that any comments submitted on the proposal will be posted to IRRC’s website.


If you have any questions about the regulatory review process in Pennsylvania, please contact me at the number below or IRRC Analyst Jim Smith at 717-783-5439 or


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