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PA EQB final regulation #7-553 “Water Quality Standard for Manganese and Implementation” (IRRC #3260)

PA EQB final regulation #7-553 “Water Quality Standard for Manganese and Implementation” (IRRC #3260)

The PA EQB recently delivered the final rulemaking noted above to IRRC and the designated standing committees of the PA General Assembly for consideration.  You can obtain a copy of the rulemaking from IRRC’s website –

IRRC is scheduled to consider the rulemaking at its September 15, 2022 public meeting.  The meeting starts at 10 a.m. and will be held at IRRC’s office in Harrisburg at 333 Market St, 14th floor.  If you are unable to attend the meeting, but are interested in viewing it, you can stream if from IRRC’s website.

If you decide to submit comments on the final regulation, please note the following.  First, all comments will be posted to IRRC’s website. Second, comments received during IRRC’s “blackout period” (48 hours before the start of IRRC’s meeting) will be embargoed and not reviewed by IRRC commissioners until the meeting is called to order.

If you plan to attend and/or participate in the meeting for this rulemaking, it would be helpful to know that in advance of your attendance.  Please monitor IRRC’s website for information about this rulemaking and participation guidelines for the meeting.

Scott Schalles

Regulatory Analyst

Independent Regulatory Review Commission


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