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PA-AWWA’s Water News Source – Summer 2022 Issue…Advertising Opportunity!

Pennsylvania AWWA Supporters:

Advertising space is currently being reserved for the Summer issue of the Pennsylvania AWWA’s magazine – The Water News Source.
Do you have a product or service that you are looking to get extra exposure for? Or a message that you want to get out to all the members of the Pennsylvania AWWA?
2,000 copies of the Summer issue will be printed, plus your ad will appear in the online edition on the Pennsylvania AWWA’s website. You can view a copy of the magazine here:
To reserve your ad space in the Summer issue, please contact Dave Gill at 866-985-9791 or by email
Below are the ad sizes that you can choose from. If you have purchased advertising space in the past, we thank you. If you have not, we look forward to welcoming you to The Water News Source!
Ad Size Cost
Full Page $850
1/2 Page  $600
1/4 Page$375
1/8 Page $275
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