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PA-AWWA’s Water News Source – 2020 Advertising Opportunity and 2020 Media Kit

PA-AWWA’s Water News Source – 2020 Media Kit
PA-AWWA Water News Source Media Kit for 2020

Pennsylvania AWWA Magazine (The Water News Source) – 2020 Advertising Opportunity

Are you looking for an effective way to promote your company’s products & services in front of key decision-makers in Pennsylvania’s water industry in 2020?

PA-AWWA’s Water News Source is the official magazine of the Pennsylvania Section of the American Water Works Association.

Published quarterly (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, advertising in the associations magazine is a great way to reach the PA-AWWA members in a highly visible and very credible manner, and we encourage you to take full advantage of its potential to effectively promote your company’s products and services to the entire membership throughout 2020.

Members include: water treatment plant operators/managers, scientists, regulators, government officials, consultants, environmentalists, engineers, distributors, manufacturers, and more.

Up to 2,000 copies of each issue will be printed PLUS your ad will appear in the digital version on the associations website — giving your ad even more added exposure online!

New for 2020 — The Water News Source will now have significantly enhanced look as it will now be printed in full-color & will come with an exciting new e-Magazine version as well!

Attached is the media kit, and below are the ad sizes that you can choose from:

PA-AWWA Water News Source Media Kit for 2020

Size                             Cost per issue (4 issues)


Full Page                                 $750

1/2 Page                                  $500

1/4 Page                                  $300

1/8 Page                                  $200

To reserve space for your company’s advertisement in the 2020 issues of The Water News Source, please contact Dave Gill at 866-985-9791 or by email

Thank you of supporting the Pennsylvania AWWA!

Advertise With PA-AWWA
PA-AWWA Water News Source
2020 Ad Rate Information contact:
David Gill – david@kelman.ca866.985.9791

For those of you wanting to use The Water News Source to promote your products and services to our membership and beyond, please contact our Water News Source marketing manager:

David Gill – david@kelman.ca866.985.9791

To members and supporters of Pennsylvania Section of the American Water Works Association (PA-AWWA),

PA-AWWA is pleased to announce a significant and exciting evolution in our industry-wide communication efforts.

Beginning with the Winter issue of 2019, Craig Kelman & Associates will provide their professional publishing services to produce a significantly enhanced version of our important and valuable publication – The Water News Source. In addition to transforming the printed edition, The Water News Source will now have an eMagazine version as well. The online editions will feature advanced reader options, social media sharing, dedicated Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, and much more. In addition to producing our magazine, Kelman will also be compiling the PA-AWWA Membership Directory in the years 2020, 2022 and 2024.

Like the PA-AWWA, Kelman places a great deal of importance and pride in using environmentally conscious practices and materials, which was an important part of our decision making process.

We know that transitions can have their own sets of challenges, but we believe Kelman will significantly improve our publication through their years of experience in producing high-quality industry magazines for professional associations in a wide variety of industries, including our own. From an industry knowledge perspective, Kelman is the proud publishing partner of more than 40 water industry organizations throughout North America.

For more information on Craig Kelman & Associates, please check out their video at:

For those of you wanting to use The Water News Source to promote your products and services to our membership and beyond, please contact our Water News Source marketing manager:

David Gill – david@kelman.ca866.985.9791

We hope that you take advantage of our enhanced magazine and use its pages to reach our members.

From the PA-AWWA officers and leadership, we look forward to leveraging this newly upgraded flagship publication to enhance the way PA-AWWA communicates, educates and informs, and hope our members see the value in using its pages to share their knowledge and experience by submitting valuable content through news and feature articles on timely topics.

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