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PA-AWWA YP’s host a construction tour of the Philadelphia Water Department’s East Park Reservoir project in Fairmount Park








On Thursday, June 18, 2017, the young professionals committee of Pennsylvania AWWA hosted a construction tour of the Philadelphia Water Department’s East Park Reservoir project in Fairmount Park. Fourteen young professionals joined the tour and were given an up-close view of the construction of two new 32 million gallon AWWA D110 prestressed concrete water tanks. The new tanks are intended to replace the existing East Park Reservoir, and will serve as a critical stop in the drinking water’s journey to the taps of almost half of the city residents.

The tour began on Diamond Avenue, where several large pipelines will be installed to connect the new tanks to the Water Department’s transmission lines. A detailed explanation of the project was provided as well as the chance to see photographs of the inside of the tank during construction. In one series of photos, a large overflow funnel taller than a truck was expertly position into place by advanced methods and acute foresight.

Next, the tour group was taken to the top of a berm surrounding the new tank. To the left, the group could see the existing reservoir, a huge basin with earthen berm walls, covered by a flexible floating cover. The existing reservoir has reached the end of its lifespan and is due for replacement. To the right, the group observed the almost-complete construction of the first of two 32 million gallon tanks, the scale of which one can only truly behold when standing right in front. Members of the construction team provided a great deal of insight about the construction of the tank, including detailed explanations of explanation of individual components of the tank. Every now and then during the tour, a large winding machine whizzed around the tank applying additional coats of shotcrete onto the recently tensioned reinforcing wires and anchoring them into place.

The final stop of the tour was on the southern side of the site where the group saw the future location of the second tank, which has yet to be started. Details of the western basin, no longer used for drinking water, were also discussed, which includes opening the waterbody to recreational activities. While the scale of the tanks is impressive, the tour was made more informative by impressive knowledge and expertise offered by the construction team.

After leaving the reservoir, tour-goers convened at the Flying Fish Crafthouse in local Brewerytown section of Philadelphia for a happy hour networking event hosted by the YP committee.

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