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PA-AWWA Operator Spotlight is on: Jesse LaVigne, Hatboro, Pennsylvania the 2019 One AWWA Operator Scholarship Winner






PA-AWWA Operator Spotlight is on: Jesse LaVigne, Hatboro, Pennsylvania

Jess LaVigne of Hatboro, Pennsylvania,

designed games and animation while at

the same time instructing students in

game development. Now he is training

to be a water treatment operator

at Downington Municipal Water

Authority and plans to use his One

AWWA Operator Scholarship from the

Pennsylvania Section and Water Equation

for courses in programmable logic

controller (PLC) programming. (PLC is an

industrial computer control system that

continuously monitors the state of input

devices and makes decisions based upon

a custom program to control the state of

output devices.) Jesse hopes to become a

plant PLC technician.

“This kind of training is a critical step

forward, not only for me, but also for the

water industry as a whole. Programmable

controllers continue to play a growing role

in our industry, especially for operators.

It is vital that we grow our understanding

of how these systems work so that we can

make better decisions about how and

when to rely on them.”

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