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PA-AWWA and PWEA YP’s jointly host water-themed trivia event and networking happy hour at the Second Story Brewing Company in Philadelphia







The winning team, “The Dirty Water Wizards











The teams hard at work


On September 13th, 2016, the YP committees of PA-AWWA and PWEA jointly hosted a water-themed trivia event and networking happy hour at the Second Story Brewing Company in Philadelphia. The event was well attended by students and industry professionals alike and featured five rounds of water, wastewater, and stormwater themed quiz questions. The six teams competed for prizes generously donated by DN Tanks, Victaulic, and Kershner Environmental Technologies. After the five rounds of questions, the top prize was claimed by “The Dirty Water Wizards” with a score of 41 points. “Mott Mac Attack” and “Slippery When Wet” finished in second and third in a tight race, with 31.5 and 30 points, respectively.


After the event, Steve Shiffer of “Mott Mac Attack” recollected that “The bountiful flow of delicious beer could only be rivaled by the flow of laughter and networking ever present during the good-hearted, but intensely competitive, water-themed quizzo”. Jason Marie, a “seasoned professional” on the winning team, was “impressed with the number of YPs that came out for the event and the competitiveness of the YP teams”. And was “proud of the diverse team of ‘seasoned’ professionals that were assembled to lead the “Dirty Water Wizards” to victory and even more proud of the “seasoned” team members who celebrated their victory into the evening after the majority of YPs went home to study for next year’s event.”


If you are interested in attending a future YP event, have an idea for a future event, or would like to assist in planning a future event please contact the following committee chairs:



PA-AWWA YP Committee Chair and Vice Chair
Micah Blate

Ralph R. Wawrzyniakowski
PWEA YP Committee Co-Chairs
Steven Kestel

Chase Kelch




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