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April 12 – May 6, 2021

20 PA DEP Contact Hours (water and wastewater)

Leadership PA -AWWA and PMAA Training Program Registration Form

The management institute is for anyone in an operating, engineering, supervisory, manager or leadership position. This course will teach you effective management and supervisory skills that can be applied to your organization. You’ll learn that you can be a leader in any hierarchical position in your organization, and to what it takes to make an effective team, handle conflict by communicating more effectively (interest vs. position), lead and manage change, develop yourself and those around you and get the results you want. The four-week course includes:

Section 1 – The Art of Leadership. Provides participants with knowledge of contemporary leadership principles, essential skills and general functions of management and the role of the manager. Participants will perform self-assessments on their leadership and management skills and competencies.

Section 2 – The Leader’s Role in Performance Management. Participants will learn what are the top litigation landmines in the workplace and how to avoid them. The application of situational leadership to performance management will be reviewed and applied to the participant’s workplace. Employee delegation and empowerment principles will be reviewed and applied through participant presentations. First time supervisor challenges and solutions including performance evaluation biases will be examined and discussed.

Section 3 – The Leadership of Change. Designed to help managers fully understand the nature and necessity of change, its impact on people, and how to meet the challenge it presents. Participants learn strategies that help speed up the process and minimize the productivity decline. Emphasis is placed on coaching and leading a team through a complex change situation. Participants will be grouped into teams to ‘Make the Case for Change’ at their workplace using the change steps presented in this section.

Section 4 – Managing Conflict. This workshop emphasizes skills needed in purposely and appropriately managing conflict. Participants will discuss employee conflict in the workplace and learn the five conflict management styles along with a style self-assessment. A four-step method to resolve employee conflicts will also be presented and applied to the workplace. Reconciling differences of opinion through a three-step method will be presented and applied in a class exercise.

Section 5 – Collaboration and Teams. Effectively working with others is essential to maintaining a good work environment and efficient operations. How we communicate can either promote an effective team or cause barriers and conflict. Participants will perform a self-assessment on their behavior and communication style and learn how to successfully interact with other styles. Team dysfunctions through articles and workbook material will be examined and participants will learn how to overcome the five common dysfunctions. A final class exercise will be used to demonstrate the benefit of team versus individual decision making.

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