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Onboard New Students with AWWA’s $10 Promo through December!

Onboard New Students with AWWA’s $10 Promo through December!

 Want a great way to increase your membership numbers? Get new students onboard with AWWA! We’ve just launched our 2022 Fall student promotion offering AWWA Student Membership to new and returning students at $10 for an entire year!

To utilize this offer, students are instructed to visit the site to register and enter code STU10 at check out.

And new this year, we are introducing the Student get a Student Challenge referral program. Students who refer two or more students between now and the end of December will receive an AWWA small cooler bag. Applicants just need to submit the name and email (of the student who referred them) during the online application process or write the information on their physical application.


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