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North Penn Water Authority is accepting applications for an experienced IT Systems Support Specialist

IT Systems Support Specialist




This is broad-based, computer-related work in support of all Authority Departments and functions requiring computer services.  The position’s principal focus will be to support the Authority’s financial information system (Microsoft Dynamics GP2016) and customer information system (Cogsdale CSM).

Other IT system support functions include maintenance of existing systems, coordination with outside IT services, system training of personnel, and preparation of system-related budgeting for the IT Manager’s review.  Guidance received from the IT Manager is in the form of discussion of activities and review of work results.


Interested individuals must apply at


  • Maintains, modifies, and supports current applications in place relating to the Authority’s customer billing and accounting systems.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Authority door security access system.
  • Maintains all external payment streams that are integrated with the CIS and their related service agreements.
  • Maintains, modifies, and develops any required reports related to the Authority’s CIS and FIS.
  • Work with the Authority application vendors in the process of troubleshooting escalated incidents.
  • Prepare and maintain standard operating procedures of Authority application environments.
  • Identifies and understands day-to-day functions and operations, available data, required data, existing workflow, resources available and other pertinent elements and incorporates them into usable systems for Authority staff.
  • Investigate, troubleshoot, and correct computer systems malfunctions and initiates necessary remediation.
  • Installs or assists in installation of purchased hardware and software.
  • Makes recommendations for the purchase of hardware and software expansion needs and replacements.
  • Assists in or trains designated employees in the use of purchased or designed software, network applications and hardware to ensure employee acceptance and usability.
  • Assists in the planning and budgeting of computer support services for approved programs and expansions.
  • Coordinates and implements the use of outside consultants in providing service contracts and any requested software and hardware services.
  • Discusses departmental computer needs with IT Manager and oversees the execution of approved programs.
  • Maintains awareness of changing market technologies and relationship to existing and future Authority needs.
  • Participates in a variety of meetings.
  • Work with department leaders implementing new software and hardware technologies.
  • Ensure all Authority systems are current on all software releases.
  • As overall system knowledge increases, working with meter reading systems, including AMI, is anticipated to become part of this position.



  • Possession of Bachelor’s degree in computer science or successful completion of accredited computer science program.
  • Considerable knowledge of computer equipment, computer languages and operation of computer systems already in use at the Authority. (SQL / database knowledge / finance application knowledge)
  • Ability to investigate and recommend alternative equipment and systems that meet Authority needs and are within approved budgets and coordinate installation of same when added to the system.
  • Ability to understand the budgeting process and recommend appropriate funding to allow completion of computer programs.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with others.
  • Ability to express oneself, clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to teach other designated employees necessary computer skills to ensure usefulness of Authority computer systems.
  • Ability to use all computer equipment in order to complete all job functions.



  • Minimum of 5 years of working in IT systems support, including training end users on various programs.
  • Knowledge of Financial Information and Customer Information Systems.  (Microsoft Dynamics GP2016 and Cogsdale CSM a plus).
  • Ability to maintain existing systems in conjunction with coordinating with outside IT services as needed.
  • Thorough knowledge of information system, techniques and procedures.
  • Willingness to go to training and school to advance knowledge for the department and personal development both within and outside of normal business hours.
  • Ability to exercise ingenuity and inventiveness in problem solving; skill in applying procedures to improve organizational productivity and efficiency.
  • Ability to translate technical terminology into terms understandable to others.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees.


About North Penn Water Authority

Established in 1965, North Penn Water Authority (NPWA) is a municipally owned, nonprofit Authority with a dedicated, professional workforce committed to providing the community with a safe, reliable, and economical water supply.  Our employees, many of whom are NPWA customers themselves, take pride in being able to provide this service to the community.  We look forward to the successful candidate joining our team.

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