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Lead Testing Package of Legislation


Posted: February 10, 2016 10:52 AM
From: Representative Angel Cruz
To: All House members
Subject: Lead Testing Package
In the near future, I plan to introduce a package of legislation requiring lead testing in three main areas.

My first piece of legislation requires children under the age of 6 to be tested for elevated lead levels in blood. Currently, the Center for Disease Control recommends being tested at ages 1, 2, and again before the age of 6. There is federal law in place that requires all Medicaid and Affordable Care Act recipients be tested, but there is no tracking of it. Currently, 19 states have laws to help prevent the exposure of lead in children. The CDC has determined there is no safe level of lead in children because the effects of lead are detrimental and irreversible, often attacking all major systems of the body. By better regulation, we will be able to recognize elevated levels and prevent any further damage.

My second piece of legislation will amend The Safe Drinking Water Act. Specifically, I am amending 109.1103 of title 35 to require more frequent testing for lead in water. Currently, state law requires water to be tested every 3 years, only at a reduced number of sample sites, after the initial passing. My legislation will require testing to be done annually at the reduced number of sample sites, and a complete test, from all sample sites, every 3 calendar years. By requiring more frequent testing we will be able to identify elevated levels of lead and rectify them before causing the same irreversible damage we are trying to prevent with child lead testing.

The last piece of legislation, which is being developed in partnership with my colleagues from the Lehigh Valley, will subject residential rental properties built before 1978 to the same requirements the federal law has laid out for the sale of residential homes. Currently, federal law requires a lead inspection of homes prior to the sale. My legislation will place the same requirements on rental properties every time a tenant vacates a property, or prior to renting to a new tenant. If levels of lead are present, the renter must rectify the problem or face an annual $5,000 penalty until the lead is removed. The funds from those penalties will be deposited into the newly created Lead in Homes Abatement Grant.

Please join us in tackling this state-wide crisis. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact my Harrisburg office at 717-705-1925.



Erik A. Ross

Senior Lobbyist

Gmerek Government Relations, Inc.

The Locust Court Building

212 Locust Street Suite 300

Harrisburg, PA 17101

(717) 234-8525

(717) 574-3963 (Cell)

(717) 234-8812 (Fax)



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