AWWA offers individual membership and organizational membership options. Select the category below that best fits your job function or organization’s needs.

Individual Membership Options

Individual Active
Are you a water utility employee, municipal official, public health professional, engineer, scientist, educator, consultant, or other professional interested in water?

Are you an operations or administrative professional employed by a water utility?

Young Professional
Are you 35 years of age or younger?

Are you a student currently enrolled in a minimum of nine credit hours in a water-related education program?

Organizational Membership Options

Organizational membership options are categorized by company type. Please know that an online applications system is not available for organizations at this time; however, you may download applications to join.

Do you represent a small to large water and/or wastewater system, water supply, wholesale or contract operations firm?

Service Providers
Do you represent a consulting, professional services, manufacture, distributor, construction or contract-operations firm?

Partner Agency or Institutions
Do you represent a government agency, college, university, library or an industry association?