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Pennsylvania Veterans Volunteer Network Wanted                                        

Several years ago, AWWA created a Veterans Workforce Initiative, led by AWWA Past President Katie McCain, to investigate ways to help veterans get jobs in the water industry. Although we’ve made some progress, we know there are many more employable veterans separating from military service and lots of open water industry jobs.  AWWA believes military members are a good fit for the water sector because of their technical expertise and experience working nontraditional hours in a regulated environment.

In early August 2017, AWWA President Brenda Lennox, CEO David LaFrance, McCain, and other Association volunteers and staff met in Washington with representatives from Soldier for Life, Marine for Life, Veterans Affairs, the Department of Labor, and Department of Defense to build awareness and strategies that help veterans work in the water sector. And a defined strategy behind the Veterans Workforce Initiative was born.

The goal of the Veterans Workforce Initiative is to help veterans secure jobs in the water industry. The program has two aspects:

  • A volunteer support network
  • Tool kits —
    • One for separating military personnel (How to Find a Job)
    • One for utilities (How to Hire a Veteran)

AWWA will oversee and manage the volunteer network. We will triage the requests and forward them to the appropriate section volunteer. AWWA will provide training for the volunteer network. The tool kits will be finished by ACE18. They will include resources for veterans that explain the training needed to work in the water sector and how to connect with education programs and utilities. AWWA will manage the development and promotion of the tool kits.

AWWA is currently seeking volunteers to serve on the Veteran Network. Volunteers need to be able to

  • communicate training/education/certification requirements.
  • make personal connections to utilities and employers to help veterans get their foot in the door.

AWWA will provide training and resources to volunteers. A time commitment will vary depending on requests; most volunteers will spend less than 10 hours/year on this project. This volunteer opportunity can be 100% virtual. Volunteers are not required to meet in person with separating military personnel.

To volunteer for the Veterans Workforce Networking Initiative contact Chad Weikel, Manager Education and Workforce, 303.347.6130, or Amy Brown, ETS Coordinator, 303.347.6189.

If you have questions about the Veterans Workforce Initiative, feel free to contact Chad Weikel, Manager Education and Workforce, 303.347.6130, or Amy Brown, ETS Coordinator, 303.347.6189.

Please contact PA-AWWA veterans Jim DeWolfe at [email protected] if you are interested in assisting with this program.