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PaWARN Important Information:  FEMA Cloth Face Masks Distribution Request Form for PA Water/Wastewater Sector

PaWARN Important Information:  FEMA Cloth Face Masks Distribution Request Form for PA Water/Wastewater Sector

FEMA Mask Info & Form PaWARN April 29 2020

FEMA is providing washable, reusable free cloth face masks to Water & Wastewater purveyors in Pennsylvania. Distribution will be provided by the PaWARN network. PaWARN membership is not required to receive the masks. USEPA and AWWA National were instrumental in obtaining the masks through FEMA.


The masks will be allocated at a rate of 5 face masks per full-time employee (FTE), with a priority given to on-site working staff only. In conjunction with state regulators and Pennsylvania water/wastewater associations, PaWARN is asking that you fill out the survey form below so that we may get an accurate count of “Reporting to Work” employees, scheduling of distribution to the sector and allow for tracking of these masks. This is on a first come/first service basis as supplies are limited. Orders should be placed no later than Friday, May 8, 2020.


Secondly, we request that each utility coordinate their response to ensure that only a single request is

submitted per utility. For organizations with numerous PWSID and/or NPDES numbers, simply list all of them allowing for a single request submittal.


We are permitting single pickup for multiple utilities.  If you choose this pickup method, please identify the utilities that will be receiving your inventory on the survey form below.


Please understand that once these items are picked up at our regional distribution sites, it is then the responsibility of the receiver to deliver the masks to each utility. There will be at least one distribution site in each DEP Region. We will be announcing pickup sites via email once we receive your request.


Please note that as masks become available, the distribution method will be as follows:


1) We will contact the requester through email to schedule date and time of pickup at the announced distribution site. Requesters should wear a face covering when picking up the masks!

2) On the date of pickup, your order will be labeled and placed at the designated site. The days and hours of pickup will be announced by each region.

3) You will be required to show a company ID or driver’s license when picking up the masks.


To maintain proper professional distancing, there shall be zero interaction between location personnel and that of the requester pickup personnel.


Please fill out the survey form on the following page and email it to the PaWARN Regional Representatives from your region listed below:


Southeast: Water systems: Jim McGinley, Aqua PA Wastewater systems: Mike DiSantis, DELCORA

Northeast: Water systems: Bob Schnitzler (PA American Water – retired),  Wastewater Systems, Dean Miller

South Central: Water systems: Marty Strine, York Water Co. Wastewater systems: Christine Volkay-Hilditch North Central: Water systems: Brian Heiser, State College Borough Water  Authority Wastewater systems: Bill Kelvington, SUEZ Pennsylvania Southwest: Water systems: George Hart, Fox Chapel Water,  Wastewater systems: Carol Adams, ALCOSAN: Northwest: Both Water & Wastewater systems: Steve Disney, Bradford City Water Authority 


For more information about PaWARN, please contact Mike Snyder at 717-880-1303.

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