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EPA’s Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center Updates

EPA’s Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center announces recently completed updates to the Water Finance Clearinghouse. These updates provide new information on funding, financing, and other resources for the water infrastructure sector.


As part of these updates, the Center released the first three Water Finance Learning Modules, hosted on the Clearinghouse. These in-depth, step-by-step water finance guides provide users with information on funding and financing options to support communities’ water infrastructure decision-making. These first modules focus on the drinking water and clean water state revolving funds (SRFs), the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA), and Financing Septic Systems.


With these Learning Modules and updated Clearinghouse data, the Agency demonstrates its commitment to preserving and improving the quality of the nation’s water infrastructure.

About the Water Finance Center:

EPA’s Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center is an information and assistance center, identifying water infrastructure financing approaches that help communities reach their public health and environmental goals.


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