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EPA has launched a new website pertaining to Federal Funding for Utilities – Water/Wastewater – in National Disasters (Fed FUNDS).

The purpose of Fed FUNDS is to provide tailored information to water and wastewater utilities about applicable federal disaster funding programs. Much of this pertains to FEMA funding but now in an easy to navigate format.  The Fed FUNDS Web pages address national-level disasters, but could also apply to large-scale and even local disasters that result in service interruptions and significant damage to the critical water/wastewater infrastructure.

Utilities can use the four buttons in Fed FUNDS to obtain key information and forms on federal disaster funding.  These four buttons relate to Pre-Disaster, During a Disaster, Post-Disaster and Utility Examples, Training and Assistance.  The last contains examples of how others have obtained funding; learn from others how the funds can be used.

A training webinar is planned by EPA in the near future.

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