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Co-Sponsorship Memos for Lead Package in PA. Senate


A group of PA. Democratic Senators are circulating co-sponsorship memos for a package of bills regarding lead.  The proposed bill package includes:


  1. Creation of Task Force on Lead — This bill creates a Task Force on Lead to study the scope of the lead issue throughout this Commonwealth.  The Task Force would study the age of our housing stock, lead pipes, school buildings and day care centers.  In addition, the task force would study best practices and make recommendations to remediate the lead issues throughout the Commonwealth.


  1. Lead Testing in Schools — Requires that every school building be tested for lead prior to the start of the school year.  Testing will include water, paint, and soil.  Results of the test would be sent to parents of every child enrolled in the school as well as be posted on the school district’s website.  If a school tests at lead levels higher than the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) acceptable amount, they would be required to submit a remediation plan to the Department of Education.


  1. Water Tested for Lead for Agreement of Sale of Real Property — Requires any agreement of sale for real property in this Commonwealth to include an option to have the water tested for lead.  This would be similar to the current inspection contingency in a standard agreement of sale.


  1. Creation of a Lead SuperFund — Creates a SuperFund for Lead Abatement.  The SuperFund may be utilized by entities, such as schools and day cares, to defray costs associated with remediating lead.  Some of those remediation projects may include: replacing lead or copper lead-soldered pipes, removing lead paint, or removing soil with elevated lead levels.


I’ll be sure to let you know when these bills get introduced.  Please let me know if you have any questions.






Erik A. Ross

Senior Lobbyist

Gmerek Government Relations, Inc.

The Locust Court Building

212 Locust Street Suite 300

Harrisburg, PA 17101

(717) 234-8525

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