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AWWA FEATURED WEBINAR…Flint and Lead: The Water-Public Health Connection

Flint and Lead: The Water-Public Health Connection


Flint and Lead: The Water-Public Health Connection

March 16, 2016, 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. EST

This complimentary webinar is brought to you by APHA and AWWA.

Recognition of high blood levels of lead in children in Flint, Michigan, amid changes in drinking water chemistry, has focused a national spotlight on the role of drinking water in controlling lead exposure. Although events in Flint are still evolving, they raise the questions of “What are we doing to control lead exposure through drinking water?” and “How can the drinking water and public health community work more closely together?”

This webinar will present information to help water utility systems and public health departments respond to current elevated public interest in lead. The information can also be used to leverage that current interest in lead to strengthen or build bridges between water utilities and their local public health communities.


Susan Buchanan, MD, MPH – Director, Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units Region V
Stephen J. Randtke, PhD, PE – Professor, University of Kansas
Ella Greene-Moton – Community Education Coordinator
Melissa Essex Elliott – Assistant Director of Public Affairs Government and Stakeholder Relations/Conservation

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