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AWWA and PA-AWWA Introduces and Welcomes the University of Pennsylvania Student Chapter

AWWA and PA-AWWA Introduces and Welcomes the University of Pennsylvania Student Chapter







Members (left to right): Christopher Lombroso, Denise Pereira, Andrew Van Woert, Hannah New (Not pictured: Claire Kojaian)

AWWA and PA-AWWA introduces and welcomes the University of Pennsylvania Student Chapter.  University of Pennsylvania Student Chapter is dedicated to engaging the Philadelphia community to develop integrated and innovative strategies for addressing the city’s public health, infrastructure, and long-term water sustainability.  With interests ranging from hydrology, geology, geochemistry and environmental contamination, we are excited to expand our knowledge of water resources through our collaborative efforts with AWWA.

Special thanks to: Hannah New, Swati Hedge and Howard Neukrug , Advisors

AWWA Student Chapters

It’s easy to start an AWWA Student Chapter at your college/university! You’ll need a minimum of five AWWA Student Members and a faculty advisor, along with the support of your college/university and your local AWWA Section. Participating in an AWWA Student Chapter provides you with leadership and organizational skills – not to mention, it’s a great resume-builder. You’ll expand your network of water professionals as you attend local Section events and Association conferences and events. Other benefits include free webinars for student chapters, discounted manuals and training guides, access to electronic publications, and the opportunity to apply for AWWA scholarships.


For more information or to get your chapter started, call or email Cari Maciolek at 303.347.6269 or

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