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PA-AWWA’s First Annual Tank Building Contest A Soaking Success!!

The First Annual Tank Building Contest at this year’s PA-AWWA Conference was a soaking success! Presented the Young Professional Committee, and sponsored by MBA, Christine Gunsaullus and Suzanne Ciavola organized 10 teams of nimble fingered water professionals and students, who had 30 minutes to construct an elevated water tank out of basic office supplies that could hold 8 ounces of water for 30 seconds.

The competition was fierce, as two student teams, The Tartan Dragons and Prof. X, took on more seasoned teams, including: We Got Tanked, a Tank Dream Team with nearly 80 years of experience; the Old Professionals, who were desperate for the $100 cash prize; and the Red Cups, led by AWWA Officers who reached for the sky with the tallest tank. The Winners, a last minute team from Buchart Horn and the Columbia Water Company, crafted a masterful two-tiered tank, standing 24.25″ tall. But five other tanks stood taller – would it be tall enough?

One by one, the remaining tanks were water tested, but all crashed and splashed, leaving the Winners as the winners.

The Winners (Brian Funkhouser, David Lewis, Dan Cargnel, and Scott Russell) generously donated their prize money to Water For People. The Biggest Splash, as determined by crowd applause, ooooohs and ahhhhs, and Steve Riley’s wet jacket, went to the Entech Leaky Buckets (Steve Riley, John Brady, Lori Burkert, and guest from Dixon Engineering, Shannon Vidika), who all earned Splash t-shirts.

Congratulations to all participants, who had the guts to put their reputations on the line, and provided the crowd with enormous entertainment.


Special thanks to:
Christine Gunsaullus and Suzanne Ciavola


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