2024 PA AWWA Membership Directory Ads

Reserve your ad space now in the Pennsylvania AWWA’s 2024 Membership Directory!

The Pennsylvania AWWA Membership Directory is published every 2 years and is a resource guide for all of the active, utility, associate and multi-state members (2,000 copies of the directory are printed).

With the purchase of an ad in the association’s 2024 Membership Directory your ad will stay current until 2026.

Below are the available ad sizes that you can choose from:

Ad SizeColorBlack & White
Full Page$3,150$1,850
1/2 Page$1,950$1,200
1/4 Page$1,225$725
1/8 Page$675$425

If you would like us to reserve a spot for your ad in the Pennsylvania AWWA’s 2024 Membership Directory, please contact our publisher Dave Gill at 866-985-9791 or by email: [email protected]