Pennsylvania American Water Helps Plant Nearly 2,000 Trees in Recognition of Customers’ Switch to Paperless Billing

Pennsylvania American Water Helps Plant Nearly 2,000 Trees in Recognition of Customers’ Switch to Paperless Billing


MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (August 9, 2022) – Following a highly successful monthlong paperless billing customer enrollment campaign, Pennsylvania American Water today donated $19,470 to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership. This spring, the company committed to donating $10 for every customer who switched from paper to electronic bills during the month of April, enough to underwrite the cost of planting one tree, including the tree itself and a reusable stake and shelter. The campaign led to 1,947 customer conversions to paperless billing, which will result in an equivalent number of trees bring planted across Pennsylvania thanks to Chesapeake Bay Foundation and its network of partners.

“We are so pleased that our efforts to help customers make more sustainable choices will also help plant nearly two thousand new trees in communities where our customers live, work and play,” said Mike Doran, president of Pennsylvania American Water. “I want to thank each customer who participated for taking this step to help reduce their environmental footprint.”

“Pennsylvania American Water’s e-billing campaign not only eliminated unnecessary paper waste and carbon outputs, but their generous donation will plant trees across Pennsylvania,” said Bill Chain, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s executive director in Pennsylvania. “These new forests will improve air quality and prevent pollution from running into our streams and rivers helping make sure that communities throughout the state have a healthy, thriving environment. We are proud to join with partners like Pennsylvania American Water who understand the importance of clean water and what it means to our quality of life.”

As part of the initiative, customers could request free trees from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for their properties, which resulted in 645 new tree inquiries. More information and an online request form can be found at

To go paperless today, Pennsylvania American Water customers simply need to log on to their account through the company’s MyWater portal and click “Go Paperless” on the left side of the home page. Customers who have not yet set up a MyWater account can do so by clicking “Sign Up” in the MyWater login window. An account number will be needed for registration.

Pennsylvania American Water President, Mike Doran, (left) presents Chesapeake Bay Foundation Executive Director for Pennsylvania, Bill Chain, with a check for $19,470 following a monthlong paperless billing enrollment campaign.