Capital Region Water is accepting applications for Maintenance Specialist I

Maintenance Specialist I – Department of Public Works – Bureau of Water
Maintenance Specialist I-Job Description


This is an entry level position in the Bureau of Water Maintenance Division. This position performs preventative maintenance, routine maintenance, and repairs of piping, mechanical, and electro/mechanical machinery and equipment. This employee may also perform general maintenance and repairs on vehicles, buildings, structures and

The employee may also be required to perform landscaping maintenance. Employees in this classification receive instruction and perform their duties under the supervision of the Maintenance/DeHart Dam Superintendent or any other Water Bureau Manager.

Equipment/Job Location

Work is performed at various locations throughout the water system, from the Robert E. Young Water Services Center, DeHart Dam and the entirety of The Authority-owned watershed area to the farthest extent of the water distribution system. Work involves the use of mechanical equipment such as pumps, blowers, mowers, electric lifts, tampers, trimmers, generators, saws, drills, gas or arc welding equipment; heavy equipment such as dump trucks and backhoes may also be used; manual tools such as brooms, ladders (up to 40 ft.), scaffolds (up to 40 ft.), shovels, rakes, wrenches, and saws may be used. Monitoring equipment such as pressure gauges and rotameters is required. Safety equipment such as breathing apparatus will be used. The employee may also be required to use, or may be exposed to, chemicals such as lime, carbon, solvents, thinners, degreasers, lubricants, acids, bases, polymers, gases such as ammonia and chlorine, and other hazardous chemicals. The employee must be familiar with rescue procedures and the use of safety equipment such as gas detectors, breathing apparatus, harnesses, tripods, traffic control signs and personal safety equipment. Employees in this classification may be exposed to loud noises, vibration, confined spaces, fumes, odors,  hazardous conditions, dust, moisture, heat, and inclement weather. May work below ground level and in elevated areas. Work may involve possible personnel rescue situations utilizing rescue retrieval system equipment (weighing 200 lbs, with assistance of two co-workers). Work is normally performed during the routine work shift on weekdays from 7:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M., but employee may be required to work holidays, weekends and evenings when necessary or during emergencies.

Essential Functions

Work involves but is not limited to the following: lubricates, cleans and checks equipment for malfunctions. Performs minor electrical repair. Performs routine and/ or complete overhaul on pumps, motors, bearing assemblies and other equipment. Performs plumbing and pipefitting tasks. Assists in construction, operation, maintenance and repair of the water distribution system (See “Equipment/Job Location” tool list). Loads and unloads trucks and equipment weighing up to 200 lbs. (with assistance if possible). Remains alert and reacts appropriately to audio and/or visual alarms on vehicular equipment, gas detectors and rescue retrieval system. Brazes, cuts, welds, or heats materials. Employee may plow, shovel or remove snow and ice, may also cut grass, weeds, edge, trim, and cut trees. Sets up and uses emergency rescue retrieval system (weighing up to 200 lbs., with the assistance of 2 other workers). Lifts and places materials (weighing up to 100 lbs with mechanical assistance). Maintains regular, punctual and predictable attendance. Reports to work and remains at work in a productive condition which includes not being under the influence or impaired by the use of alcohol and/or drugs. Establishes and maintains an effective working relationship with supervisors, co-workers and the general public. Completes all assignments in an efficient, consistent and timely manner.

Non-Essential Functions

Performs other reasonably related duties in equal or lower classifications as assigned by supervisory personnel. Performs work as directed by supervisors in accordance with Article XXX, Job Classifications, Section 1 provision of the basic labor agreement.

Required Knowledge and Abilities

– Employee must be adaptable to unpleasant work surroundings, duties of a repetitive nature and alert to the dangers posed by exposure to water treatment chemicals.
– The ability to understand and follow assignments.
– Basic knowledge of the construction, operation, maintenance and repair of the water distribution system (to include distribution mains, distribution valves, fire hydrants, service line connections and service lines).
– Basic knowledge of street, curb and sidewalk construction, maintenance and repair.
– The ability to perform basic math calculations.
– The ability to read and understand blueprints and mechanical drawings.
– The ability to perform basic carpentry.
– Ability to react quickly and appropriately to alarms and hazardous situations.
– Ability to pass a respiratory fit test and use an approved respirator.


A high school diploma or equivalent.

Two years equivalent experience and training which provides the necessary knowledge, skill and ability.

A valid PA Commercial Driver’s License, Class B or must attain such within 240 days of employment.

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