Building Water Flushing Guidance

Building Water Flushing Guidance

Recently AWWA published a document:

For building facilities personnel and contractors I believe my document is the most useful.

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CDC Building Water Flushing Guidance

Given that you as a water supplier may receive questions regarding this information about flushing stagnant water from buildings prior to reopening or prior to using a closed building for medical purposes, I wanted to share these links with you.


CDC posted this flushing guidance

EPA is working with CDC to develop some further information.


CDC also posted information about the safety of water for hand washing during a boil water advisory on their Q&A page


The scientists and engineers at the Environmental Science, Policy & Research Institute (ESPRI) and AH Environmental Consultants, Inc. (AH) developed brief guidance material to help those who are responsible for maintaining building water systems.


All EPA resources can be found here and by following the Utility link at the very bottom on this page for more information:

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