Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority is accepting applications for Water Treatment Plant Operator


Work as a team member to follow safe procedures for proactive maintenance for corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance at PWSA’s Water Treatment Plant.



This position is included in the Pittsburgh Joint Collective Bargaining Committee (PJCBC) and will be filled in accordance with the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.



Operates and monitors all phases of pumping, treatment, filtration and distribution reservoirs to ensure sufficient quantities of potable water and adequate water pressure in service area; operate all associated supporting and control equipment (e.g., pumps, compressors, flocculator drives, mixers, etc.) at water pumping stations, water treatment plant, water storage tanks and reservoirs; monitors visual displays and readout to ensure an adequate supply of potable water; maintains accurate logs (e.g., water quantity, water conditions, quantity of chemicals used, machinery running time and status of equipment, pumping station operation, etc.); monitors and controls the operation of remote pumping stations’ rapid sand filters, backwash and chemical feed center utilizing PWSA’s automated processing system; performs essential plant maintenance procedures (e.g., cleans, inspects, lubricates, makes minor mechanical repairs, etc.) to equipment associated with the work; adds corrective chemicals as requested or required; visits reservoirs and pump stations to monitor and operate booster chlorination feed systems; loads and unloads chlorine cylinders to and from booster chlorination facilities in accordance with established PWSA safety policies and procedures; monitors river and plant conditions; responds to unexpected changes in conditions (e.g., shut down plant operations, informs crews of possible leaks, etc.); collects water samples, takes readings and runs water-related tests (e.g., qualitative colorimetric, etc.) as requested or required; Controls the entry and exit to the plant to maintain plant security; and performs activities and functions of related lower-level personnel and other related tasks and duties that are assigned or required.



Considerable knowledge of water purification and pumping station operations and related equipment and tools; and of the safety hazards and precautions of the work.  Some knowledge of physical sciences such as chemistry and physics, basic engineering and mathematics.  Ability to operate all associated supporting and control equipment (e.g., flocculator drive, mixers, etc.); to monitor and control the operation of remote pumping stations’ rapid sand filters, backwash and chemical feed center utilizing PWSA’s automated processing system; to examine taste and odor conditions and to report problems to supervisor; to maintain accurate and legible records and logs pertaining to all phases of the work; and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, associates, outside agencies and the general public.  Some computer skills and some knowledge of the SCADA System are preferred.



Candidate must be domiciled in City of Pittsburgh at the time of appointment and remain domiciled in the City of Pittsburgh throughout employment with the PWSA. Verification of City residency required at time of appointment.


Applicant must present a current, valid Class C (Class 1) PA Motor Vehicle Operator’s License at the time of application or prior to appointment.  A valid driver’s license must be maintained throughout employment.


Required to work rotating shifts including weekends and holidays.



To be considered eligible for this position, the application must clearly show one-year experience working on water purification or water supply OR equivalent combination of training and experience.  State Certification for Water Treatment Plant Operator is preferred.



Performance examination may be required.



Required prior to appointment.



Available in the Human Resources Department, 1200 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 or online at www.pgh2o.com.  Please send the application, resume and cover letter to [email protected].


You may be considered for other available positions based on qualifications provided on your employment application.


An Equal Opportunity Employer

The PWSA does not discriminate against anyone based on race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, place of birth, sex, sexual orientation, family status, age, or non-disqualifying disability, or on any other basis protected by federal, state or local law.