Partner with us to Optimize Operations: The Partnership for Safe Water Program







Partner with us to Optimize Operations:

The Partnership for Safe Water Program

Attention: Non-Partnership Members…Surface and Groundwater Treatment Plants and Distribution System Operations

Partners in PA JULY 2019

PfSW Treatment Program

PfSW Distribution Program

Enclosed please find our latest Partners in PA newsletter which recognizes the latest accomplishments of our current members.  As you can see we have a lot of members who are dedicated to making their utilities the best that they can be.  We would like to have you join and become a part of our great Partnership for Safe Water program.

The Partnership for Safe Water is a voluntary utility program with a mission of improving the quality of drinking water delivered to customers by optimizing surface and groundwater treatment plants and distribution system operations.  The Partnership’s comprehensive self-assessment and optimization programs provide utilities with the tools they need to improve performance beyond even proposed regulatory levels.

The Treatment Plant Optimization Program is open to surface water filtration plants of all sizes and process configurations and is focused on reducing treated water turbidity to protect public health.  The Distribution System Optimization Program is open to any water utility that applies a distribution system disinfectant and is focused on evaluating and optimizing distribution system performance based on a variety of parameters, including disinfectant residual.  The Groundwater program is open to well water systems that remove a contaminant as part of their treatment process (arsenic, TDS, iron, manganese, etc).   Low annual subscriber fees are based on population served and cost utility customers less than a penny per year, while providing a measureable improvement in drinking water quality.

Partnership utilities receive recognition as they progress through the program’s phases and reach optimization milestones, demonstrating their commitment to improving water quality and protecting public health.   Benefits of joining the program(s) include enhanced water quality to customers, reducing the risk of passage of microbial contaminants, improving teamwork at all levels, development of a proactive approach to future compliance with proposed regulations, and enhancing customer confidence through awards and recognition programs.


Join the more than 220 Partnership utilities that participate in and benefit from the Partnership for Safe Water’s utility optimization programs.  To learn more, visit or contact one of our PfSW representatives directly:   John Bartol – [email protected] (610-751-3013), Kate O’Neill – [email protected] (412-327-5460), Barry Herr – [email protected] (724-622-0461) Tom Detweiler – [email protected] (570-977-1648), Paul Zielinski – [email protected] (717-645-2636), or PfSW the administrator for the PfSW Reps –Nancy Dinger [email protected] (717-774-8870)