If you serve a population of more than 3,300, based on the state drinking water inventory and reported to EPA, then you are subject to the 2018 America’s Water Infrastructure Act.  This Act requires risk and resilience assessments and updated emergency response plans every 5 years.  Certification of completion of each will be required to be sent to EPA.  Please do not submit documents, only the certifications.  EPA will be providing further information on how to submit these certifications.


Certification Deadlines for completion of the Risk Assessment are phased in by size:


Population Served Deadlines
>100,000 March 31, 2020
50,000 – 99,999 December 31, 2020
3,301 – 49,999 June 30, 2021



Emergency Response Plan certifications are due six months from the date of submission of the risk assessment certification.  Again, submit certifications only, not documents.


These requirements repeat every 5 years with community water suppliers reviewing the risk and resilience assessment to determine if it should be revised.  Also, if necessary, water suppliers must update emergency response plan to incorporate any revisions to the risk and resilience assessment.  Upon completion of each step, certifications must be submitted to EPA.


EPA has released a Federal Register Notice of the requirements and created a web page for providing additional information.  EPA is developing factsheets, training, and other materials to assist the community water systems with meeting these requirements.  All materials will be posted on the webpage at  You may also find it easiest to Google EPA+AWIA.


EPA is highly recommending that water suppliers wait until further guidance is released before submitting any certifications to EPA.  This will ensure all requirements are met and submitted properly.


Did you know? You may obtain your 2002 Bioterrorism Act Vulnerability Assessment

Community water systems can request that these documents be returned rather than destroyed by EPA.  You must send a request letter on utility letterhead by email to [email protected].  Pertinent information to include in the request letter:  utility name, PWSID#, address and point of contact information for the individual who will be responsible for receiving the document.



Contact: Patti Kay Wisniewski at EPA: 215-814-5668 or [email protected]