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Western Berks Water Authority receives Partnership for Safe Water Presidents Award

Letter from Barb Martin, Manager for Partnership for Safe Water Program:

Partnership for Safe Water PA Representatives,

I am pleased to announce that the Western Berks Water Authority’s Western Berks Water Treatment Plant has been awarded the Partnership for Safe Water Phase IV Presidents Award, with an award date of June 19, 2013.  We were able to communicate this news to utility representatives at ACE13 last week.  We have also sent award notification materials to the utility today via email and US Mail.

The Western Berks WTP is the third plant in Pennsylvania to receive the Presidents Award and the sixth utility subscriber to reach this level of achievement.  We hope to see them continue to progress to the Excellence in Water Treatment Award level in the future

Congratulations on the accomplishments of Western Berks Water Authority!  Thank you for the support you provide to the Partnership program and to utilities in Pennsylvania.



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