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WFP Donor Request for PMAA 2015

Donor Form for PMAA 2015




Again this year, the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association (PMAA) will host a silent auction to raise money for Water For People, at our annual conference in Lancaster, PA, Aug. 23-25, 2015. In order for this to be a successful event, we need to obtain as many donation items as possible which can be bid on.


Please see the attachments for more information.


Items offered for the auction are fully tax deductible for the donor as a charitable contribution. The person bidding the highest dollar amount for the item will be declared the winner of that item when the auction closes out on Tue., Aug. 25.


The amount of money raised for Water For People is the sum of all dollars collected at the end of the auction. Last year at this event we auctioned off 40 items and raised a net total of $2,699. We’re hoping to do even better this year.


We would greatly appreciate it if you or your company would consider donating an item for the auction. Since we have PMAA members attending the conference from all over the state, it is important that we get items that represent a wide geographic diversity so that people can actually use the prizes that they win. For example, tickets to a Philadelphia Phillies or Eagles game, or a Pittsburgh Pirates or Steelers game, or tickets to Dorney Park in Allentown, or a gift certificate to a local restaurant in Harrisburg, or tickets to the Hershey amusement park, or an overnight stay at a hotel or Bed & Breakfast in Penn State, etc. From past experience of other successful silent auctions, the following items have been found to be quite popular:


  1. Gift certificates to restaurants (either local or chains)
  2. Gift certificates to stores like Lowes, Home Depot, Wawa, or department store chains
  3. Gift certificates to hotels or Bed & Breakfasts
  4. Electronics, like a tablet, portable DVD player, Ipad, or Kindle
  5. GPS navigation system
  6. Movie tickets
  7. Amusement park tickets
  8. Tickets to museums, zoos, or other local tourist attractions
  9. Wrapped gift baskets of goodies (wine, food, etc)
  10. Sporting event tickets
  11. Sports memorabilia
  12. Golf or fishing accessories
  13. Golfing passes at a local course
  14. Camping gear
  15. Skiing passes
  16. Clothing accessories
  17. Power tools and tool sets
  18. Framed artwork, ceramics, pottery, or jewelry
  19. DVDs of popular movies




Again this year, we are also accepting second-hand, gently used items for donation. So please check your basement and attics at home for anything that you no longer want to keep, but is still in good condition that could be auctioned off. Instead of selling it at a garage sale, or putting it on e-bay, or just letting it collect dust on your shelf at home, you can donate it to the auction, and also get a tax-deductible write-off for yourself. Someone else is sure to have an interest in it, especially at a good price.


If you are planning to donate an item to the auction, please fill out the attached donor form and return it to me. You can either bring the item with you to the conference in Lancaster or, if you’re not planning to attend, just send it to me at the address noted below, and I’ll make sure the item is placed onto the auction table.


Thank you all very much for your efforts in helping to make this a successful event, both for PMAA and for the people in the developing countries that will benefit from the water relief projects.


Tony Bellitto

Water For People Committee

Executive Director, North Penn Water Authority

300 Forty Foot Road

Lansdale, PA 19446

Phone 215-855-3617

Fax 215-855-2756

Cell 215-783-2946





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