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PA One Call Problems Resolved; Legislation Now Moving

HB 1607 (PA One Call) Problems Resolved; Legislation Now Moving

We wanted to let you know that the House adopted an amendment, offered by Representative Causer, today to House Bill 1607 (PA One Call) by a vote of 113 to 90.

  • House Bill 1607 (Baker-R) transfers enforcement of the One Call Law from the Department of Labor and Industry to the Public Utility Commission; removing all current exemptions in state law; increasing penalties for noncompliance; and making other changes to the One Call System such as creating a Damage Prevention Committee to review alleged violations of the law.


  • Amendment A08101 keeps the exemption for crude oil or natural gas production and gathering lines or facilities associated with a conventional oil and gas well under the in the current definition of “Line” or “facility” in the Act.   


  • “Conventional oil and gas well” means a bore hole drilled for the purpose of producing oil and gas from a conventional formation.  Irrespective of technology or design, the term includes any of the following:


  1. A well drilled to produce oil.
  2. A well drilled to produce natural gas from formations other than shale formations.
  3. A well drilled to produce natural gas from shale formations located above the base of the Elk Group or its stratigraphic equivalent.
  4. A well drilled to produce natural gas from shale formations located below the base of the Elk Group where natural gas can be produced at economic flow rates or in economic volumes without the use of vertical or nonvertical well bores stimulated by hydraulic treatments or by using multilateral well bores or other techniques to expose more of the formation to the well bore.
  5. Irrespective of formation, a well drilled for collateral purposes, such as monitoring, geologic logging, secondary and tertiary recovery or disposal injection.


The bill was re-committed to the House Appropriations Committee for a fiscal note, which is needed before the House can vote on final passage.  Once passed by the House, the bill must go to the Senate for its consideration.


A summary of the House floor debate on Representative Causer’s amendment can be found below.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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