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New Tool from EPA…Flood Resilience: A Basic Guide for Water and Wastewater Utilities

EPA is pleased to announce the release of our newest tool called Flood Resilience: A Basic Guide for Water and Wastewater Utilities (see ).


This tool is an interactive pdf, meaning you should download it or use via the web, but do NOT print it as it will lose its functionality.  With a user-friendly layout, the Guide provides worksheets, instructional videos, and flood maps to help utilities through the process.


Drinking water and wastewater utilities are particularly vulnerable to flooding, which can damage pumps, disconnect chemical tanks, break distribution lines and disrupt power supply.  Targeted to small and medium utilities, the Flood Resilience Guide outlines a simple, 4-step assessment process to help any water utility know their flooding threat and identify practical mitigation options to protect their critical assets.


For outreach to the water sector, EPA has partnered with Rural Water organizations in several states to present training on flood resilience.  EPA also intends to conduct a national webinar to further promote the Flood Resilience Guide.

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