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EPA’s Water/Wastewater All-Hazards Boot Camp Training and message from Patti Kay


I am returning to my security/resiliency coordinator role after having been the Drinking Water Branch Acting Chief for the past year.  I look forward to catching up with all of you.


Below is information about new EPA training for the water sector.  You will find that the links are to our very new webpages, so you might want to replace any of your older favorites.


NOTE that PADEP did not approve this training and they will not approve it after the fact; however, I encourage you to view this as it is free and valuable training.
Please see below an announcement for a new water/wastewater focused all-hazards computer training from U.S. EPA’s Water Security Division. The training was developed collaboratively with water utility managers and state agency/water association representatives, and has already been approved by many state programs for CEUs.



EPA’s Water/Wastewater All-Hazards Boot Camp Training


U.S. EPA has released their Water/Wastewater All-Hazards Boot Camp Training, a computer-based training for water and wastewater utilities that focuses on emergency planning, response, and recovery activities and how they’re incorporated into a comprehensive all-hazard management program. The interactive training includes testimonials from water utility professionals, as well as links to helpful tools and resources to give utilities a head start on building resilience to all hazards. Many states have already pre-approved the course for continuing education hours for both water and wastewater personnel. Download the training here:

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EPA util prep







Along with the Boot Camp Training, water utilities may also find EPA’s Don’t Get Soaked YouTube Video valuable, as it educates drinking water and wastewater utility managers, board members, elected and appointed officials on the benefits of investing in preparedness, response and recovery activities. The Boot Camp Training and other training resources from EPA (i.e., ICS/NIMS training webinars) can be accessed on EPA’s Water Resilience Training page.

Patti Kay Wisniewski

Drinking Water Security Coordinator

Drinking Water Branch (3WP21)

US EPA Region 3

1650 Arch Street

Phila, PA 19103



215-514-7893 (cell)



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