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EPA’s 8/16/12 “Lead-Free Definition Under the Safe Drinking Water Act” presentation

I’m attaching the slides of EPA’s 8/16/12 “Lead-Free Definition Under the Safe Drinking Water Act” presentation.  There were technical difficulties with this webinar so I only heard 30 minutes of the discussion before the session terminated prematurely.  EPA is requesting comments from the water industry specifically about issues #4 and #5 which are found on pages 15 and 16 of the slides.  Issue #4 relates to calculating the lead content and issue #5 relates to how the new lead-free standard is applied to repairing anything within a system that currently meets the higher lead-free standard of less than 8% lead.  Both slides contain potential approaches that you can consider.  It’s in your best interest to comment on these issues before EPA revises its regulations.

I’m also including the Federal Register announcement of yesterday’s public meeting so you can read the background of the implementation issues.  Please note comments are due by 8/31/12 to not to Junie.percy as indicated on the last slide.

Please share this e-mail with other water industry members.  Thank you!
EPA Public Meeting info

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