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EPA is Seeking Volunteers to Participate in Study on Storage Tank Sediment Samples

EPA’s National Homeland Security Research Center (NHSRC) is looking for water systems that may have tank cleanings scheduled in the next few months and would be willing to collect samples of tank sediments.  EPA needs some real world sediment samples to support a current research project.  The research project involves analyzing the physical and chemical characteristics of the sediments, and investigating the propensity of selected Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) contaminants to adhere to sediments with different characteristics, such as organic matter content and particle sizes.  Additional knowledge in this area will be useful to water utilities and other decision-makers in assessing impacts of a CBR contamination event and selecting effective methods for handling contaminated sediments and decontaminating the storage facilities.  Also, they will be sharing sediment samples with two other EPA Office of Research and Development Laboratories (the National Risk Management Research Laboratory and the National Exposure Research Laboratory) for research they are conducting.

 If you know of water systems that may be planning tank cleanings between now and next March and may be willing to collect samples for this EPA research project, please contact (or have the utility contact) Scott Minameyer of NHSRC in Cincinnati.  His contact information is included below. 

Scott Minamyer
Environmental Scientist
National Homeland Security Research Center
Cincinnati, OH


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