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EPA Climate Change Guide now available

FYI – Per yesterday’s WUC Board Meeting, Patti-Kay Wisniewski from EPA mentioned that the following guide on climate change was available from EPA at

Adaptation Strategies Guide

This interactive guide assists drinking water and wastewater utilities in gaining a better understanding of what climate-related impacts they may face in their region, and what adaptation strategies can be used to prepare their system for those impacts.  A worksheet is provided to assist the user in the adaptation planning process.  The guide also includes examples of utilities implementing adaptation options at their systems.

Climate Ready Water Utilities Toolbox

This searchable toolbox contains resources that support all stages of the decision process, from basic climate science through integration of mitigation and adaptation into long-term planning. The Toolbox contains: reports, articles, and other publications; information about grant programs that could support climate-related actions by utilities and municipalities; current activities; upcoming seminars, workshops, and training sessions; models and tools; and climate response materials that focus on mitigation and adaptive strategies.

Other Climate Ready Water Utilities Resources

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