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CCR Electronic Delivery Options

In January 2013, EPA issued new guidance that allows for additional, electronic delivery options that will meet the definition of direct delivery.  These new options will significantly reduce mailing costs for the larger water systems. 

Here are the descriptions of the new electronic methods that EPA and DEP will accept as a form of direct delivery:

  • Mail – notification that CCR is available on website:  A water system mails to each bill-paying customer a notification that the CCR is available and provides a DIRECT URL to the CCR where it can be viewed. The mail method for the notification may be, but is not limited to, a water bill insert, statement on the water bill or community newsletter. 

  • Email – direct URL to CCR:  A water system emails a direct URL to the CCR on a publicly available site on the Internet. 

  • Email – CCR sent as an attachment to the email:  A water system emails the CCR as an electronic file email attachment (e.g., portable document format) 

  • Email – CCR sent as an embedded image in an email:  A water system emails the CCR text and tables inserted into the body of an email (not as an attachment.) 


  1. Water systems are NOT allowed to use social media (e.g., Twitter or Facebook) directed to bill-paying customers since these are membership Internet outlets and would require a customer to join the website to read their CCR.  Additionally, water systems cannot use automatic telephone dialers to distribute CCRs because the entire content of the CCR cannot be provided in the phone call. 

  1. If a water system employs an electronic delivery method, the system must still provide a way for customers to request a paper CCR and receive it.  If a water system is aware of a customer’s inability to receive a CCR electronically, it must continue providing a paper CCR.  

  1. Water systems must still mail a paper copy of the CCR to DEP by July 1st each year.  DEP is responsible for reviewing and evaluating these reports for compliance with content requirements and maintaining CCRs on file as part of our primacy obligations.

In addition to electronic delivery, EPA and DEP will continue to accept paper mail or hand delivery of CCRs as forms of acceptable delivery. To view EPA’s CCR Delivery Options memo and guidance, click on this link:

Although, the new delivery methods will not affect the CCR templates we have on the website, the template instructions are being updated to include this new information about the delivery options.  However, the CCR Certification of Delivery form does need to be (and is in the process of being) updated to address these new delivery methods.  Specifically, if a water system uses the direct URL option, they will have to provide that URL on the form.  I expect the final form to be available on the web no later than July 1.  I will send a separate notice when the updated forms are finalized.

We will also be posting this information on the drinking water web page, so please feel free to share this message with your water systems.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Dawn Hissner | Environmental Group Manager, Operations
Department of Environmental Protection | Bureau of Safe Drinking Water
Rachel Carson State Office Building
400 Market St | Hbg PA 17101
Phone: 717.772.2189 | Fax: 717.772.5630

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